Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Kendra Langager, and I’m a registered dietitian.  As a dietitian, I have been invited along on many people’s food journeys.  I feel honoured that so many people have trusted me with their food stories.  Food makes up such an integral part of our lives, and  I love helping people reclaim their relationship with food and learn to trust their bodies again.

When I’m not at work, I love being active and you can usually find me either at the hockey rink, gym, a fitness class, or running the trails.  I also love exploring the outdoors whether it be hiking and backpacking, canoeing, or cross-country skiing.

Fun Facts!

Values: Compassion, authenticity, belonging, integrity, loyalty

Favourite Animal: Giraffe

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Activities I enjoy: hockey/skating, training, playing the piano, bouldering, watching sports, holding my nephew, anything that gets me outdoors!

Favourite Foods: homemade lasagna, tacos, fruit, chips, salads, bubblegum ice cream

Favourite Drinks: milk, cold water, milkshakes, half-sweet chai tea latte or London fog

Currently Learning: How to swim!